Certification of the election at the County level is not defined in Georgia State Law. Here are a few recommendations for documents that should be inspected before a county board votes to certify any election.

At a minimum, we suggest that the board members (or election superintendent) view the following

  • Ensure that the number of votes cast at each precinct does not exceed the number of registered voters at each precinct (OCGA 21-2-493 (b))
  • Ballot Recap Sheet, one per precinct, returned on election night.  This sheet has:
    • Section A – Number ballots issued and printed on each BMD
    • Section B – Number ballots cast on each scanner
    • Section C – Totals number of issued ballots, cast ballots, and poll pad check-ins
  • Poll Pad Recap Sheet, one per precinct, returned on election night.  This sheet has:
    • Opening and Closing seal numbers
    • Wait times during the day
    • Total number of poll pad check-ins
    • Total number of voters marked on Supplemental Elector’s Lists
  • Spoiled and Unaccompanied Ballot Recap Sheet, returned on election night.  As many as needed.  Has:
    • Number of Spoiled ballots (along with the reason)
    • Number of unaccompanied ballots
    • The actual ballots themselves
  • Provisional Ballot Recap Sheets returned on election night.
  • Did any poll open late or stay open late?
  • Were emergency ballots used? Why?
  • Log Sheets for anything that was done with a manager’s override (ABM cancellations, changing a voter’s check-in, changing a voter’s status, etc.)
  • Checklist filled out as each Poll Manager returns forms and equipment on election night

Not as important to view before certification, but still worthy of a check

  • Hourly Count Sheet
  • Poll open (zero) and close tapes from scanners for both Advance and Election Day voting
  • The record of assisted voters – O.C.G.A. § 21-2-592
  • Cain of custody forms for all AIP and Election Day
  • Proof of oaths for all poll workers (21-2-584)

The Election Assistance Corporation has produced three documents that can also be useful for county board members

EAC – Guide to Certification

EAC – Guide to Canvass

EAC – Chain of Custody Best Practices