We will need a lot of poll workers and poll watchers in Gwinnett in 2024.  We have three elections (not counting possible runoffs) with early voting for each election:

Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) March 12, 2024  (Early voting starts February 19th)
General Primary / Nonpartisan ElectionMay 21, 2024
General Primary Election Runoff June 18, 2024
General ElectionNovember 5, 2024
General Election RunoffDecember 3, 2024
Georgia Election Dates 2024

Poll Watcher

Be the eyes and ears of election transparency and integrity!  This unpaid position is vital, and we never have enough.  With 158 (or so) precincts in Gwinnett, we have a lot of opportunities!

Flip through this quick slide show to get an idea of what is involved:


While the dates on this presentation are no longer accurate, it provides a quick overview.  There is also an online five-page manual provided by the Secretary of State that you can find here. https://sos.ga.gov/page/poll-watcher-training.  To become certified, you must attend poll watcher training.  Please contact Alice O’Lenick for upcoming training sessions.  (678) 468-7401 or aliceolenick@att.com

NOTE:  If you were a poll watcher in 2022 you are still able to poll watch in 2024. If you want to find out what special access you will have as a Poll Watcher, along with applicable code sections, click HERE.

Poll Worker

If you are ready to learn a whole lot about elections, why not become a Poll Worker?  You know you have been thinking about it for years – try it once and see how it goes.  To learn more and apply, visit:


But be prepared. As a poll worker, you will have to attend training (both online and probably in person) and then work a very full day on the day of the election. Most poll workers arrive at their assigned poll location around 5:30 am and won’t be leaving until a few hours after the poll closes. You won’t be able to leave for lunch, because poll workers are sworn in at the beginning of the day and then sequestered until the close of the poll. And unless you are assigned to your own polling location, you will not be able to vote on election day.